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    KARASH NIKOL      ( real name : Paco Thouvenot )

 Composer, sound designer,DJ & live artist from Toulouse,France.

   DJ tekno since 1995,he moved to the Hip hop world thru a band called Jam session Bandia in 1998,and made his specialty in mixing oriental music & hip hop,making tours in Europe and concert guest part as Manu Chao,Assassin,Saïan Supa Crew,Gnawa diffusion,Zebda,Rachid Tahar, Cheb Khaled,Rona Hartner,Toure Kunda,Macka B,Undergang,TTC,Bus Driver,69db & la Compagnie Lubat with this band until 2006.

 Beginning composition in 2002 (making a lot of hip & trip hop ),he keeps himself updated,looks after any kind of music works & collaborations.He’s connected to all kind of music to provide a special electro punk world break hop style…

 He was also painter & comedian,always found of creativity & team work like original creations & sound design for videos & live circus shows.

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