Music & Sound Design for Videos & exhibitions

portrait pac vect

  Composer,sound designer et video editor,he is in particular the author of the music for the fake teaser “Reveal Playstation 4″(1,4 million sights on You Tube in 2 days !) realeased par the video group  Slot B  on May 2013 et co-author,with Clara Cohen,of the audio world of the circus shows from cirque Eskalofriky.

He also sometimes with communication agency & various groups for video’s audio , video games or applications.A music for a child show? A DJ  mix for a fashion show? Going from a universe to another is a real pleasure for this eclectic worker .

The video who pushed Sony to deny his paternity …

…and the reveal of the joke :
Attempt for winning the AUDI Music Talents Awards 2012 :
Music for circus shows :
 Music for commercials,applications & audio identity :